Billing and payments

My energy payments throughout the year Solar Billing FAQ's Prepayment Meters V's Credit Meters What is the Energy Company Obligation (ECO)? Can I have a replacement bill/statement? How does Sero Life charge for its services? What do you mean by an 'average' monthly payment? My Statement Explained Can you explain the monthly statement please? How does Sero Life charge for it’s services? Understanding my statement What VAT am I charged? How do you calculate my monthly payment? I have a debit balance, do I need to pay this? What does in debit or credit mean? What is the average UK consumption or bill? I share a house, can we split the bill? How can I reduce my bills even further? I have credit on my account, should I claim a refund? I'm in credit, should my payments drop? I think that my bill is too high I don’t think my bill is right. Where is my statement/ bill? I have credit on my account, can I get a refund? Can I have a refund of my credit balance? How do I set up my monthly payment?